We seek additional Sprinkler System Contractors around the world to design and install our proprietory Dualmist Fire Suppression System

All nozzles are manufactured in the UK by Dualmist Ltd under stringent ISO Quality Control and FPC approved systems

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Dualmist International Ltd is a UK based company that specialises in the research, development and manufacturing of Low Pressure Watermist Systems and Nozzles for use in the Fire Suppression Industry.
The Dualmist System uses a variety of methods (impingement, spinners and edge decompression) to create a blend of small and medium water droplet size. We then use larger droplets in the form of jets to distribute the smaller droplets as far as possible from the nozzle. In this way we can engulf the whole area in a combination of fine mist and larger water droplets. The large water droplets have the ability to penetrate the fire and the small droplets act like a gas and suffocate the fire whilst also removing large amounts of heat energy. In this way we can outperform a conventional sprinkler nozzle using up to 50% less water.






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Dualmist International was formed in 2013 to develop a range of low pressure watermist nozzles.

With the R&D and manufacturing all under one roof - it allowed us to rapidly innovate and improve the design until with the DM4 range we felt we had perfected what we were trying to achieve and so decided to proceed with application for LPCB approval - which has now been achieved. We will continue to develop more innovative products for other similar applications in the future.

Over the same period and by using the market advantage given by the nozzles, our UK primary installer has gone from strength to strength, growing rapidly  year on year and now has around 30 teams installing the dualmist system around the UK.

Dualmist is now installed to iconic and globally recognised hotel brands including Claridge's, Marriott, Crown Plaza, Hyatt and Holiday Inn among others.




Our Misting Nozzles have been through a rigorous regime of independently certified performance and component testing. Several of our Products have a full LPCB Approval and all Nozzles are manufactured under stringent FPC controls.
DMI products also have a diverse portfolio of fire test accreditations and fire test data that has been overseen and validated by BRE Global​. Dualmist International in conjunction with Premier Mist UK Ltd were the first company to attain full fire test approval to the residential published watermist standard BS 8458 and the published BS 8489 for commercial watermist systems. In addition to the standard British Standard Protocol. DMI have surpassed the performance of conventional sprinklers at ceiling heights exceeding 5m and have successfully performance tested the DualMIST wall mounted nozzle (DM5) at an extended coverage of 25m2 whilst utilising a water density of only 2mm per m2.


BS 8489


BS 8458


BS 8489


BS 9252


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