There are many advantages of using the dualmist system over a traditional sprinkler system, these are described below:

Installed to a Different BS Standard

As many sprinkler system designers know, BS12845 can be extremely onerous when is comes to tank sizes and the result can mean a tank requirement so large that the building or installation might not go ahead at all. This is where a watermist system comes in. A commercial watermist system would be installed under BS8489. If this alternative standard is accepted by the builders then this would mean the tank size will be far lower straight away without any other efficiency considerations.

Larger Coverage per Nozzle
Our nozzles have passed tests that cover a much larger area per nozzle than a traditional sprinkler. This considerably reduces the amount of labour required to fit out a room. The overall amount of nozzles and pipe required is also reduced.

Higher Working Pressure

There are several advantages of having a slightly higher working pressure than a standard sprinkler system.
As with sprinklers, the system still can use CPVC pipe so it can be quickly installed but the extra bit of pressure
means that you can go further up in height without the need for additional pumps. A larger working pressure range allows a single pump system to cover many floors.

Higher K- Factor

The watermist nozzle is more restricted than a sprinkler. If a nozzle activates then the pressure drop to subsequent nozzles is not as significant and this enables longer spurs and in general fewer/smaller pipes to be used.

Visually Unobtrusive

We have also found that another selling point is that we can also provide a blow off cap (available in black or white) to fit over and fully protect the nozzle head which means the nozzle can sit discreetly and inconspicuously in any ceiling. This makes it ideal for hotels and offices and similar situations where the aesthetics are important.


Less Water Damage

Using 50% less water means any damage caused by the water is reduced.

Smaller Tank Saves Space

In many major cities, space is expensive and a smaller tank is highly preferable to the huge tanks needed by sprinkler systems.

Higher Overall Performance

Due to the fact that the nozzle is producing a range of droplet sizes this means multiple methods are simultaneously being used to suppress the fire.
Dualmist inhibits both pyrolysis and oxidation - not just one of these - see 'how it works'

Highly Competitive Overall System Cost
The overall costs of a fully approved Dualmist low pressure system is often lower than that of a comparative sprinkler system. The reasons for this are sometimes subtle. It has to do with many factors including the higher K-factor, lower flow and wider spray coverage of the various nozzles which allows systems to be designed with fewer nozzles , smaller pipes and smaller pumps and tanks.

The combination of all these factors means if the system is designed correctly then advantageous pricing can often be achieved over rival systems. When you combine this with the fact that the suppression ability of the Dualmist System is far greater than that of a sprinkler system (see 'how it works') then you can begin to understand why companies using the Dualmist System as an additional offering can rapidly gain market share from companies only offering sprinkler systems alone.


please see for more detailed product information and datasheets.