You may be surprised to find out that the overall costs of a fully approved Dualmist low pressure system is often lower than that of a comparative sprinkler system. The reasons for this are sometimes subtle. It has to do with many factors including the higher K-factor, lower flow and wider spray coverage of the various nozzles which allows systems to be designed with fewer nozzles , smaller pipes and smaller pumps and tanks.

The combination of all these factors means if the system is designed correctly then advantageous pricing can usually be achieved over rival systems. When you combine this with the fact that the suppression ability of the Dualmist System is far greater than that of a sprinkler system then you can begin to understand why companies using the Dualmist System as an additional offering can rapidly gain market share from companies only offering sprinkler systems alone.


Whether you are interested in becoming an installer, a distributor or a joint venture/ regional partner then we are interested to hear from you. We are well funded and we have a fully approved product that has seen extraordinary success in the UK.
We now are seeking friends and partners with experience in other regions of the world to help bring this highly successful product range to the global market.

Ideally we are looking for companies with some vision and with good knowledge and experience installing sprinkler systems that would also like to be able to offer low pressure watermist. We would also consider helping M&E contractors that may be interested in starting off their own fire suppression division.
All business propositions would be considered.

Whatever your position. We can be flexible in our aid to help things get up and running.
That may be by simply supplying nozzles or helping with system design and costing.
If you would like a more formal business arrangement then it can be arranged that exclusive rights are given to you for all Dualmist products for your region. This might be in return for a fee or by paying towards additional product testing that may be required for that region. This would be open to negotiation.

Wherever you are in the world - we would be pleased to hear from you.


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