For Potential Installers:

If you are interested in becoming an installer then to bring this innovative product to your home market will likely mean that you will need to al ready have considerable experience in the fire safety requirements and standards in your home market in terms of system design and installation. We are willing assist in any way we can to help you overcome any new challenges in terms of approvals or testing that may need to be done to help you bring this product range to your region. As has been proved in the UK, once these challenges are overcome then a significant market advantage can often be obtained and explosive growth can soon follow.

For Potential Distributors or Distributor/Installers:
Dualmist is in an early development phase when it comes to exploring overseas market opportunities.

Ideally, we would prefer to identify an established distributor to promote and sell our product under sole agreement within a country or region. It is not necessary to purchase the Sole Distributor Agreement to become a distributor but once purchased then a series of significant benefits are obtained, these include:

  • Exclusive Regional Partnership - Dualmist will not sell to any other company within the region.

  • Advertising on as the authorised regional distributor.

  • Any enquiries from the region, however obtained, will be forwarded to the sole distributor.

  • Favourable pricing structure - enabling good margins also to be made on nozzle re-sales within the region.

  • A Quantity of free nozzles (QTY Depending on Tier).

  • Access to all new products and testing developed and undertaken by Dualmist.

  • Free advice and guidance on pump, tank and pipe sizing and suppliers.

  • Preferential rates from our electrical panel supplier.

  • System design training over Zoom by our expert in house designers.

  • Access to our full system design service at preferential rates.

The price of a sole distributorship is based broadly on the GDP of the region it covers. (4 tiers)
There is a 20% annual subscription thereafter for maintaining the agreement and an appraisal after 5 years.

If you are interested or would like more detailed information then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Donna Hazzledine
Business Development Manager

please see for more detailed product information and datasheets.

Other things to consider:

Standards and Approvals

The global market is fragmented when it comes to fire safety with many regions having their own specific requirements. We are receptive to undertaking further approvals and/or testing that may further enhance our chances of maximizing the potential of DualMIST in other regions.  The BS 8458, BS 8489 and LPCB approvals may or may not be recognised or accepted. Even in the UK it sometimes comes down to individual building and fire safety officers depending on the type and grade of risk involved. For this reason it is likely that to be successful then interested parties would need to already have thorough knowledge of the approvals and safety requirements in their home market.

See map below for the countries that fully recognise LPCB approval. That is not to say other regions wont accept it.

Dualmist is Primarily a Nozzle Manufacturer

It should be noted that Dualmist will generally only directly supply the proprietary components (nozzles) to the system. It will be up to the installers to design the scheme and locally source CPVC pipe and pumps and tanks etc and ensure that the overall system is compliant to the required standard. We can sell you these things but in general you will achieve better pricing by going direct to local suppliers. We can help you by recommending suppliers if required.

We can give good prices on high quality control panels as we have a good UK supplier for these. (RMA Systems)

and we would also recommend Ebara pumps as we currently use these for our UK systems.

If you wish to be become an installer then in general this will also mean you will need specialist software to design the layout of the system which needs to be hydraulically calculated for pressure and flow. We generally assume that interested parties would already have such software as they would be already experienced in fire sprinkler system installation, though we can offer a full system design service at a separate cost. We have an elite team of experienced designers in the Dualmist System and it may be a good idea for new installers to use our design team, at least initially, to check their own designers are designing the systems correctly and that they are achieving the correct savings.

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