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All Assembly and testing is done by Dualmist Ltd based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire in the UK and all components except the bulb (manufactured by JoB Germany) are manufactured on site by HPC Services Ltd under ISO9001 quality systems. Additionally as specified within the LPCB approval, the entire nozzle production facility has to adhere to the Factory Process Control - FPC PN111.

The larger components are manufactured on High Specification Multi axis lathes that remove the need for any second operations. All operations including any angled holes are machined in one cycle.


Smaller components - including filters - are manufactured on high speed Citizen Slidinghead lathes. The filter has over 350 individual holes and is manufactured fully automatically in around 70 seconds.  Producing all components in house allows us to control the quality absolutely. When a batch of nozzles are assembled the batch number for each individual item is recorded. At the end of the assembly process each nozzle is laser engraved with the part number, date, K-factor and also a unique serial number that allows us to trace every individual component right back to the component inspection sheets and even raw material certificates. All Nozzle components are manufactured from either Stainless Steel 304 or Brass CZ121. We have capacity to produce around 250,000 nozzles per year.

Once assembled then all nozzles are subject to a series of stringent tests which include among others:

A 100% Cull Test to check no damage has occurred to the bulb on assembly.

A 100% Leak Test . Pressure tested for 1 hour.

A Random Activation Test. To check the bulb operates within the correct temperature range and operates freely.