Dualmist can supply LPCB Approved Nozzles to the commercial standard BS 8489 or BS 8458 for residential and domestic applications. 


The design objective of the DM nozzle is to provide optimum coverage whilst utilising low-pressures and minimal water distribution.  This is achieved by a unique concept of combining fine and course droplets which are disseminated evenly within the respective range of each DM nozzle.


The DM nozzle range is extensive and is typically provided via a closed heat activated thermo-bulb arrangement, although fire testing has proven that at fixing heights above 5 meters that the open DM3 nozzle with smoke detection activation is far more effective than a bulb activated commercial sprinkler component.  

DM nozzles are generally manufactured as standard in brass CZ121 with nickel plating. All internal and moving components are manufactured from 304 stainless steel.   An optional blow off cap is also available developed for both aesthetic appeal and as a protection device, available as standard in white.