The Following Video was taken during the testing of the DM4R Nozzle at BRE GLOBAL.
Once the nozzle activates you can see the rapid reduction in the fire due to the suffocating effect of the mist. The coarser water particles are hitting the fire directly and the finer mist gets to the parts of the fire that cannot be reached by direct line of sight of the nozzle. This is the Dualmist Method. The fire would usually burn for the entire test and yet in this test the fire is fully out after only 1 minute 40 seconds after the nozzle activates. 

The Following Video was taken at our in house test facility and it shows the engulfing effect of the water and mist combination. Testing like this enables to verify there are no coverage blanks spots and the mist spread is as wide as possible.

Our EDA system is truly remarkable and is surely the best possible way to protect any room with a high ceiling. The Following Video was taken at BRE and it shows that using a double knock system of smoke detectors to activate the pumps means that we can activate much quicker than any bulb activated system. If a bulb system is used, the fire is generally too large to put out by the time the bulb activates. (which would be 6+ minutes). Our system activates in 1 minute 46 seconds and starts suppressing the fire much sooner. As a result the fire never really has a chance to take hold.

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